JULY 2018 -

"Sixty Seven Moons" demos are live - LISTEN HERE!


July 2018 -

Also, Jupiter has 72 moons now.


MAY 2018 -

Putting the finishing touches on a couple "Sixty Seven Moon" demos with collaborator Sean Havrilla. Stay tuned, no one likes an out of tune person.


FEBRUARY 4th 2017 -

FEBRUARY 4th 2017 - "Sixty Seven Moons" by Hali Alspach and Sean Havrilla had its 1st Reading on February 4th, 2017. Suggested by the paintings of Edward Hopper, "Sixty Seven Moons" explores three listless characters, constantly searching for something different from what they have. The cast featured Jillian Louis, Lucy Hires, and Yael Rizowy, with music direction by Bob Kelly. Stay tuned for demos!Cast and Creatives at the 1st Reading of "Sixty Seven Moons"

(L-R Jillian Louis, Lucy Hires, Sean Curran, Yael Rizowy, Hali Alspach and Sean Havrilla)